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Torchlight 3 – How to Respec Skill Points

Torchlight 3 Respec Fort Tables

If you’re playing Torchlight 3 and don’t know how to respec your skill points, here’s a quick and short guide. While it’s a little harder than other RPGs, there’s an easy way to do it once you unlock your fort. Read below for quick info on how to do it regardless of your class.

How to Respec Skills in Torchlight 3

Torchlight 3 Respec Workshop

The Workshop Skill Station is the go-to place for the Railmaster class if you need to respec any skill points.

Before you can respec skills in Torchlight 3, you need to unlock Respectacle points. When you go to the Skills menu, activated by “S” on default, it will show if you have any, beneath your skills. Respectacles can be obtained from bosses (after level 5) and quests as a consumable item in your inventory.

Once consuming a Respectacle item, it will give you one Respectacle point. Then, you’ll need to have your fort which is unlocked early on with progress. There are four different Skill Stations under the Functional tab when customizing your fort. You can only respec/refund skill points from the Skill Station relevant to your class.

Each one is listed in the table below:

Automaton Shop The Forge class respecs at this skill station.
Workshop The Railmaster class respecs at this skill station.
Arcanum The Dusk Mage respecs at this skill station.
Arms Cart Sharpshooters respec at this skill station.

Once you place a Skill Station in your Fort, you can interact with it by left-clicking it. This will only work for the one relevant to your class. If you’re not sure which at the time, it’s the only one with its name showing. The others won’t be interactable.

Then, simply right click a skill that you want to respec/refund the point for. Fair warning, it immediately uses a Respectacle point. It won’t ask to confirm or for you to apply your decision.

Can You Respec Relic Skill Points?

Torchlight 3 Relic Blood Drinker

The Relic Blood Drinker is shown in the above screenshot, but I don’t know of any way to respec points.

Once you place a Reliquary in your Fort and get a certain quest, you can craft your first Relic. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, I don’t know of any way to respec relic skill points. So be careful about what you decide and read each skill/passive before applying any.

If you learn otherwise, be sure to comment below and let me know so I can update it as such.

How Does the Legendarium Work?

The Legendarium can be equipped and unequipped at any time without needing to refund any points. Additional Legendarium skills are equipable at level 20 and 40.

If you need help with anything else Torchlight 3 related, feel free to ask in the comments below. One of our commonly asked questions is how to play with others and create a party. We have a guide for that as well here.