Best 15 Foregone Game Tips and Tricks

Forgone Tips and Tricks

If you’re a fan of 2D action-platformers like Dead Cells, check out these Foregone tips and tricks below. Developer Big Blue Bubble released the early access version onto the Epic Game Store in February. While many people compare it to Dead Cells, it’s unique by having a linear story with permanent progression unlike the former.

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – Efficient Ways to Dodge Enemies
Tip 2 – Take Advantage of Ledges
Tip 3 – Most Enemies Have a Vulnerable Moment
Tip 4 – You Lose Money and Shards on Death
Tip 5 – Grind Old Areas to Upgrade More
Tip 6 – How to Quickly Traverse an Area
Tip 7 – What Active Skills Are Best in Foregone?
Tip 8 – Rare Items Have Extra Traits
Tip 9 – What is the Best Weapon in Foregone?
Tip 10 – How to Find Secret Rooms
Tip 11 – Skip Enemies to Find The Checkpoint
Tip 12 – You Can Only Shoot the Direction You’re Facing
Tip 13 – Combine Melee and Ranged Combat
Tip 14 – Don’t Forget to Use Your Ammo
Tip 15 – Take Advantage of Debuffs

Tip 1 – Efficient Ways to Dodge Enemies

Foregone Sliding
If you have fast reflexes for dodging, you won’t have much trouble.

An important tip to know in Foregone is how to dodge enemies efficiently. First, the game teaches you to slide through enemies as a dodge mechanic. This is your main way to dodge as you’ll frequently need to slide back and forth through an enemy attacking at their back. Second, jumping over smaller enemies or ground slam attacks is also useful. Third, when you unlock an air dashing mechanic, you can spend more time in the air away from enemies.

Sometimes it’s better to get a couple of hits in than committing to a full combo and getting hurt. Combine a couple of hits with a dash, and you’re more likely to succeed. Also, be wary of turrets since you can’t slide through them.

Tip 2 – Take Advantage of Ledges

Foregone Guide
Ledges are your best friend.

Ledges are useful to take advantage of since enemies often can’t traverse them. This leads to situations like hitting an enemy from beneath a ledge or giving you the high ground over an enemy. The same concept applies to hitting enemies on a platform above you.

Tip 3 – Most Enemies Have a Vulnerable Moment

The majority of enemies have an attack or two they use before becoming vulnerable. Sometimes it’s worth waiting for that opening to get your combo in. The same idea applies to learning boss fights.

Tip 4 – You Lose Money and Shards on Death

You never want to die in Foregone or most games really, because you lose money and upgrade shards on death. The best way to avoid losing your progress is to save at checkpoints and/or backtrack to them. I’m not one hundred percent sure on if you lose all money and shards on death or not.

Tip 5 – Grind Old Areas to Upgrade More

Forgone Forge Upgrade
Save up that gold and upgrade yourself some new gear!

If you’re struggling to get further, grind old areas for gold and upgrade shards. Every time you return to the base, enemies respawn. This provides an opportunity to farm them repeatedly for gold and upgrade shards too.

It’s important to upgrade your gear and skills to keep up with tougher enemies. Make the occasional trip back tot eh Forge for upgrading items and the Oratory for better skill passives.

Tip 6 – How to Quickly Traverse an Area

Ladder Screenshot
There aren’t many ladders, but jumping up them is a way to move quicker.

The best ways to travel quickly revolve around dodging and jumping up ladders. You might not be speedrunning Foregone, but you can get back to where you died faster with dodges and dashes. The first slide dodge you have has a cooldown timer, but the jump dash you unlock eventually doesn’t. This makes it easy to spam jumping and dashing together.

Tip 7 – What Active Skills Are Best in Foregone?

Foregone Active Skills
Choose the best active skill for your playstyle.

At a certain point, new active skills become available at the Oratory by changing the menu at the top. It’s not worth removing the Restoration skill as it’s a nice backup for when you take damage. However, the other skill depends on how you play. I like using Overdrive for extra damage.

Skill Name Skill Notes
Barrier Negates the next 3 enemy attacks for 15 seconds.
Overdrive Increase damage by 20% and attack speed by 10%. Lasts for 10 attacks.
Surge Dash forward dealing 45 damage to all enemies in your path.
Nova Unleash an area attack dealing 25 damage to all enemies.
Restoration Heal up to 60 health over time.

Tip 8 – Rare Items Have Extra Traits

Foregone Rare Items
Take advantage of higher rarity gear with more traits attached.

Every item has a rarity that goes: White – Blue – Purple – Gold. An item’s rarity decides how many traits it has with White having none, Blue having one, Purple having two, and Gold having three. Remember that the rarity of an item doesn’t mean it’s always stronger than another item.

Tip 9 – What is The Best Weapon in Foregone?

The best weapon tends to be a little more subjective depending on how you like to play. However, I prefer the Shortsword and Pistol combined together by far. The Shortsword has a quick combo leaving less risk on attacks. While the Pistol has the largest ammo count and fires quick too.

Every weapon is available below with speculative information:

Melee Weapon Notes
Shortsword Quick, three attack combo. Moderate damage.
Daggers Quick, four attack combo. High damage if you get a full combo off. Low damage at the beginning of a combo.
Falchion Slow, three attack combo. High damage, but risky and harder to use because of its speed.
Ranged Weapon Notes
Pistol Fires quick. Moderate/high damage. Great because of its quick-fire rate and large ammo size. Max Ammo 14
Longbow Fires quick. Possibly higher damage than the pistol. Max Ammo 6
Shotgun Fires slow. Damage seems based on distance. Max Ammo 4

Tip 10 – How to Find Secret Rooms

Foregone Secret Rooms
Keep an eye out for small gaps that can be slid through.

Secret rooms don’t become visible until you enter them. This makes it difficult to find them because you have to look for small gaps along walls that are often slideable into. However, sometimes it’s a platform that you need to jump to or from instead.

Tip 11 – Skip Enemies to Find The Checkpoint

Foregone Checkpoint
There’s nothing wrong with skipping a few enemies to get to the checkpoint.

Sometimes it pays off to dodge past enemies to find the next checkpoint. This helps with making progress and saving your currency. You can always backtrack to enemies if you need to instead of losing progress when you’re low on health.

Tip 12 – You Can Only Shoot the Direction You’re Facing

Before you take advantage of a ranged weapon, know that you can only shoot the direction you’re facing. This mostly applies to people on PC who might have their mouse cursor facing away from where they are. Because Foregone uses auto-aim targeting, you’re limited to where you’re looking.

Tip 13 – Combine Melee and Ranged Combat

Foregone Ranged
A good combination of melee and ranged combat is effective.

It’s important to mix together your melee and ranged combat for most enemies. Sometimes it’s better to store ammo, but often, you can take a couple of shots at an enemy, and finish them off with melee. By using a combination of both, you’re making each fight easier. Especially in the case of bosses when you’re not able to get close.

Tip 14 – Don’t Forget to Use Your Ammo

Every ranged weapon has a maximum amount of ammo as shown in my best weapons tip. This means that every melee attack after your ammo is full doesn’t go toward refilling it. It’s not always worth losing out on potential ammo unless you’re saving it for something. The same concept applies to abilities like your healing Restoration.

Tip 15 – Take Advantage of Debuffs

Debuff TraitDebuffs that you can apply on enemies like Stasis or Plague can be extremely strong. For a while, I had a weapon with a 17% chance to cast Plague and it happened consistently. Plus, Plague appears to spread between enemies too.

I hope these tips and tricks help you get started. If you’re a fan of Foregone, check out similar games like Dead Cells, Hollow Knight, and Sundered.


Foregone released on PC via the Epic Games Store on February 27, 2020. The developer plans to release it on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam at a later time.

Foregone was provided by the developer via an Epic Games Store code.

Disclaimer: Certain links in this article may contain affiliate links where purchases may provide a small commission to Slyther Games. Our affiliate policy is here.

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