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Learn All 7 Beta Disintegration Crews


If you’re a fan of shooter games, get ready for Disintegration from V1 Interactive with this guide about crews. The competitive multiplayer modes featured in the recent technical beta have classes known as crews. Each crew has a unique loadout, design, and more that makes their playstyle interesting.

Every crew has a massive ship rigged with guns known as a gravcycle and people on the ground you can control. Leading these units from the gravcycle is what makes Disintegration a fascinating shooter with its overlapping RTS elements.

Take a peek below at each of the seven crews included in the upcoming open technical beta. The beta starts on January 31 at 1 p.m. ET and ends on February 1 at 2:59 a.m.

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Tech Noir

Disintegration Tech Noir

The Tech Noir crew revolves around sniping and healing teammates from a distance. However, the quick mobility supports an advanced player that likes to get up close too. So long as you don’t get yourself blown up as a fragile gravcycle. The Tech Noir crew has three units that use Seeker Rockets, a Slow Field, and a Disruptor Drone.

  • Primary Weapon – The NG-6 Marksman Cannon deals high damage and is usable from far away due to its scope.
  • Secondary Weapon – The NRD Seeker is great for healing friendly players and crew units from afar. It instantly heals a small chunk of health and heals more over time.

Disintegration Tech Noir Stats

Tech Noir is one of the strongest classes in Disintegration right now. It can deal high damage from any distance, support teammates, and still play a utility role with the Slow Field. If you want a meta class, the Tech Noir is it.

Neon Dreams

Disintegration Neon Dreams

The Neon Dreams crew excels at dealing damage and dodging enemies by using high maneuverability. This gravcycle is extremely vulnerable and works well with the Tech Noir’s healing secondary. The Neon Dreams crew has three units that use Seeker Rockets, Concussion Grenade, and Concussion Grenade.

  • Primary Weapon – The MK-64 Light Machine Guns are two automatic weapons that overheat when used for too long.
  • Secondary Weapon – The Ion Disruptor increases damage on targets hit by it and messes with their screen temporarily.

Disintegration Neon Dreams Stats

Neon Deams is a class that expert players can take advantage of so long as they don’t get hit too much. This is why the healing abilities of the Tech Noir combined with Neon Dreams is a brutal combination. Managing your machine gun heat well is also a game-changer.


Disintegration Warhedz

The Warhedz crew is a massive gravcycle that can take a beating. Its primary weapon is difficult to use. However, the secondary Warhead is great for setting traps and destroying enemy players. The Warhedz crew has two units that use Blast Wave and Slow Field.

  • Primary Weapon – The Tri-Nades fire multiple bouncing explosives at a medium range.
  • Secondary Weapon – The Warhead is a powerful bomb that explodes after a certain amount of time. It has a long cooldown.

Disintegration Warhedz Stats

Warhedz is a class for creative players that find opportunities to blow multiple players up. The slow speed is rough, but the durability makes up for it so long as you’re not alone. However, I struggled to use the primary weapon well. It just takes a little more skill to land your hits as a projectile weapon. Also, their heavy armored Rhino unit is great for the Retrieval mode.

King’s Guard

Disintegration King's Guard Stats

The King’s Guard crew focuses on a utility support playstyle with some difficulty. The primary weapon slows targets and the secondary is a short cool-down healing device. This combined with the King’s Guard crew unit abilities makes it a good defensive class. The three units use Mortar Strike, Proximity Mines, and Proximity Mines.

  • Primary Weapon – The Javelin Launcher is a chargeable bolt that slows targets on impact. Only shoots straight and far range if charged up. Otherwise, it falls short.
  • Secondary Weapon – The Nano Emitter is a healing aura that can be placed on floors and walls.

Disintegration King's Guard Stats

King’s Guard utility is unmatched and that’s what makes them an interesting crew/class. The Javelin Launcher’s slow debuff is enough to ruin any player’s dogfight. Also, the Mortar Strike and Proximity Mines are perfect for defending an area regardless of the mode.

Lost Ronin

Disintegration Lost Ronin Stats

The Lost Ronin crew is an offensive class that deals high damage while keeping mobile. Their accurate primary weapon alongside the brutal Yumi Rockets is a great way to hunt enemies. The three Lost Ronin crew units use Mortar Strike, Concussion Grenade, and Concussion Grenade.

  • Primary Weapon – The NG-6 Marksman Cannon returns instead as a burst fire weapon with a scope for long-range.
  • Secondary Weapon – The Yumi Rockets are chargeable seeking missiles that home toward their target. These rockets deal high damage against gravcycles.

Disintegration Lost Ronin Stats

The Lost Ronin crew is a favorite of mine alongside Tech Noir because of their damage. While the primary is nice for harassing regardless of range, the Yumi Rockets are insane burst damage. The rockets alone make the Lost Ronin crew an assassin class in Disintegration.

The Sideshow

Disintegration The Sideshow

The Sideshow crew has a massive gravcycle with a unique weapon, unlike the others. Their sticky grenades are remotely detonated for a surprise explosion on unaware players. The four Sideshow crew units use Blast Wave, a Disruptor Drone, Slow Field, and Slow Field.

  • Primary Weapon – Sticky grenades that are remotely detonated. They deal moderate damage on explosion when stacked.
  • Secondary Weapon – No secondary weapon.

Disintegration The Sideshow Stats

Aside from wanting to look like terrifying clowns, The Sideshow crew has the largest number of units. The Sticky Grenades are satisfying to use alongside a horde of four units. A player who knows how to manage their units efficiently will benefit from this crew the most.

The Business

Disintegration The Business

The Business crew is a good gravcycle to learn with because of its high stats across the board. It has decent durability without sacrificing mobility. The two Business crew units use Seeker Rockets and a Disruptor Drone.

  • Primary Weapon – The HV-Rifles are two fully automatic weapons that require reloading, unlike the Neon Dreams crew.
  • Secondary Weapon – The Var-Tac Shotgun is a chargeable blast that deals significant damage.

Disintegration The Business Stats

I haven’t used The Business in Disintegration much because I enjoy the extremes of other classes. However, the Var-Tac Shotgun is comparable to the Yumi Rockets in the damage it deals. Regardless of whether you catch a player by surprise or not, the Var-Tac Shotgun is taking a chunk out of their health. Also, the Seeker Rockets and Disruptor Drone work well by disabling an enemy’s weapons and dealing additional damage.

Two crews not included in the Disintegration technical betas are the Militia and Meurtos. The Militia is a high durability crew that uses heavy explosive cannons with a deployable turret. While the Meurtos is a mobile crew that uses semi-auto shotguns and a small bot spawner.

I hope this guide helps you understand the different Disintegration crews and what works best for your play style. If you have any questions, comment below and I’ll try to help! Further information about the game is available on its website here.

A beta key for Disintegration was provided by the publisher.