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Zero Sievert – What to Do With Roubles

Zero Sievert - Searching a Safe

Zero Sievert players wondering what to do with roubles may be confused due to the conversion rate in-game. You’re likely to find bundles of roubles here and there between looting bandits and if you’re lucky, discovering safes. But they can be a little disappointing once you realize it’s not a one-to-one conversion.

Adding to the confusion is that the rouble item is separate from the roubles you have from selling items or completing quests. Even though they’re still the exact same currency. This is where it becomes hard to understand. Fortunately, you can still sell the item version if you want to add it to your banked money.

Zero Sievert - Trading Roubles For Money

Otherwise, you can use it to barter by adding it to the trade window when buying items from a trader. Unfortunately, it still counts as the same reduced value regardless of the method. The way this works is based on your difficulty settings under the Trading tab. There’s a “Sell Multiplier” option described as, “Factor by which the value of an item is multiplied when selling it. Example: an item with a value of 100 Rubles will be bought for 100 and sold for 100 x Sell Multiplier”

While the default sell multiplier rates may change throughout Zero Sievert’s development, here are the current default values:

  • Rookie: .40
  • Survivor: .25
  • Hunter: .25

Zero Sievert - Sell Multiplier Difficulty Setting

Therefore, if you sell 100 roubles on the Rookie difficulty, you’ll get 40 roubles back. However, other factors can come into play like what your Charisma level is. For each Charisma level, you’ll increase the price you sell items at by 1%.

Regardless of whether you’re playing on Rookie or the other difficulties, this can make roubles feel worthless to grab. It depends on how new you are to Zero Sievert and if you have a good idea of item values. This is because the maximum item stack for roubles is 999, so if you have a more valuable item, it’s better off in that slot.

Zero Sievert - Looting a Hunter For Roubles

But if you’re going for a quick run and find roubles, there’s no reason not to grab them anyway. One other minor benefit of the item form of this currency is that it doesn’t have any weight. So if you’re debating what to drop so you can make it to the extract, don’t focus on your roubles.

If you’ve made it to this Zero Sievert guide and are wondering what to do with your roubles after having too much, that’s a different story altogether. I’ve noticed on the Rookie difficulty it’s easy to end up with too much money when you have a good grasp of the game. The best you can do is experiment with different weapons and armor. Or perhaps buy some modifications to attach.

Zero Sievert - Green Army at the Base

As you work through the quests you’ll unlock the Green Army for new items to buy.

That’s all there is to this simple guide on what to do with roubles in Zero Sievert. It’s a bizarre decision to treat the itemized form this way since it’s the currency you use already. I have a feeling this is purely because the sell multiplier lumps them in with all the other items too.