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All Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Status Effects

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor - Status Effects Against Bugs

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor has several status effects you can apply to bugs for different advantages. When this survivor-like first hit Early Access, the status effects weren’t explained in-game. This made it tough to guess what certain ones like Acid did while others were slightly clearer.

Fortunately, the developer added tooltips for most of them based on the weapon element you’re using. There are currently six different elements even though they don’t all have status effects attached to them. Here are the status effects for the elements that do:

  • Burn – Deals heavy damage over time. (Fire Weapons)
  • Shock – Increases critical hit chance against enemies and deals damage to nearby enemies. (Electrical Weapons)
  • Corrode – Increases damage taken from all sources. (Acid Weapons)
  • Slow – Decreases movement speed. (Cold Weapons)
  • Freeze – Stuns the target by freezing it. The chance is based on Slow stacks. (Cold Weapons)
Deep Rock Galactic Survivor - Burning Fire Status Effect

While some weapons start with an element already, you can sometimes convert them to different elements later. This can help when you’re trying to make each of your four weapons the same element for certain upgrades.

I haven’t gotten the tooltip yet for Plasma weapons to know if they have a status effect as well. Even though I’ve upgraded many weapons to Plasma, they don’t have a tooltip associated with them. This could change later, however. With that said, Plasma projectiles bounce off of bugs and walls.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Plasma weapons don’t have a status effect similar to how Kinetic ones don’t. Especially since there isn’t an obvious effect or animation when they hit bugs. I’ll update this Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor guide if/when I learn otherwise. If you already know, feel free to comment below the guide and I’ll update it.

Deep Rock Galactic Survivor - Engineer Turrets Fighting a Swarm

It’s worth mentioning that every weapon has an element even if that’s just Kinetic. However, some also have elements with status effects attached to them. Like the Krakatoa Sentinel which is essentially a flamethrower turret. Certain weapons can even convert their element to a different one via overclocks.

This is a good way to continue increasing the synergy among your weapon tags. Especially if you want to get upgrades that benefit from a certain element. For example, a level up that increases Electrical damage across all your weapons.

While that’s all there is to this Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor guide on status effects, make sure to check out our list of the best tips and tricks. It covers a variety of tips like how to overclock, unlock new classes, and the advantages of rerolling.