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10 Best Medieval Dynasty Tips and Tricks

Medieval Dynasty Players Crafting at an Anvil

Medieval Dynasty recently launched a multiplayer update where players can team up as they survive and build their village. While I didn’t get a chance to test the multiplayer, I jumped in for the first time putting in 30 hours. For those of you new to the game, here are some of the best tips and tricks I’ve learned thus far.

I can already see how playing with others would help reduce the grind that is Medieval Dynasty. Since a good amount of your time is spent repeating tasks like chopping down trees or hammering away at structure frames. So it’s bound to be a good time with friends if you’re interested in this sort of game.

Tip 1 – Dealing With Hunger and Thirst

Medieval Dynasty - Making Rabbit Traps For Food

The first thing you’ll want to learn is how to get food and quench your thirst so you can survive. Fortunately, this is one of the simpler parts of Medieval Dynasty and you’ll at least start with some food. But, it helps to know how to get food so you can feed the many people that make up your village later.

The best ways to get food early on are by hunting rabbits and learning how to build rabbit traps. Rabbits are an easy source of food since they’re passive and you can usually catch up to them. Otherwise, you can build a rabbit trap under Furniture & Decorations. Afterward, cook the meat at your campfire. As far as thirst goes, you can drink from any source of water or build a well.

Tip 2 – Upgrade Inspector Mode

Medieval Dynasty - Using Inspector Mode to Highlight Items

Inspector Mode is a great way to scan for items and animals once you upgrade it. First, you can get Survival Sense under the Survival skill tree to detect sticks, stones, and more. Then, you can get Tracker under Hunting which reveals animals during Inspector Mode.

Both upgrades will help you find items that blend into the ground as well as hostile animals nearby. This is a game-changer at night when you’re exploring but can’t see. Alongside those benefits, you can also see a recruitable character’s skill levels when looking at them in this mode.

Tip 3 – Work Through the Quests

Medieval Dynasty - Completing Side Quests

I recommend completing quests to get some direction when you’re first learning what to do in Medieval Dynasty. And if you want to continue growing your village and aren’t sure how to increase the building limit, this is how. You’ll need to work through the chapter quests.

I’d call them the main questline, but they don’t have any story to them, so they’re purely goals to increase your building limit. Keep in mind, you’ll owe the king more taxes each year as you place additional buildings. That aside, you can also complete side quests for rewards like money, items, and technology progress toward new buildings.

Tip 4 – The Best Ways to Make Money

Medieval Dynasty - Selling Meat For Money

Making money early on feels impossible when everything you have sells for a small amount. Fortunately, there are some tricks for items worth selling. My recommendation is to hunt animals and sell their meat and fur. However, you can cook the meat to raise your skills and double the money you’ll get.

If you have a bow, the best opportunity to make money is hunting bigger animals for more meat and leather. Such as Boar, Deer, and Moose. Otherwise, you can sell items like Stone Knives and Stone Arrows. Or if you want to be devious, check our next tip on how thievery works.

Tip 5 – Understand How Stealing Works in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty - Stealing From a Chest

Stealing can be a lucrative activity and an opportunity to get higher durability tools. However, you’ll lose Dynasty Reputation if someone sees you do it. The loss is based on how valuable the item you’re stealing is. So if you’re trying to grab a high-tier tool, you may want to take a look around first or quick save.

As long as nobody is nearby or looking at you, you can steal an item without consequence. But, I’ve noticed that sometimes I still get caught so it’s not perfect. Fortunately, you won’t go to jail or have hostile villagers attack you. Afterward, you can sell those items to any other town or use them yourself.

Tip 6 – Building a Village in Medieval Dynasty

Medieval Dynasty - A Village in Winter

This is a loaded topic since so much goes into building your village. And it can be confusing since the menus are tough to navigate. However, this is where a large chunk of Medieval Dynasty’s content lies.

It will also help you automate the generation of many different resources like food, logs, and craftable items too. So while it may not be the first thing you want to do, the chapter quests will nudge you in that direction. Fortunately, nothing forces you to expand quickly or take on a ton of people.

Tip 7 – Get a Backpack and Pouch

Medieval Dynasty - Simple Small Backpack in Inventory

I wish I had known from the start about backpacks and pouches that expand my weight limit. They make everything easier when you’re carrying tons of resources or hauling logs. And they don’t seem to deteriorate over time.

The only negative is raising enough money to buy them from a seamstress. But, there are different backpack and pouch sizes if you want somewhere cheap to start. I recommend getting them as early as you can to make your life easier.

Tip 8 – Explore For Animal Spots and Campsites

Medieval Dynasty - Looting an Abandoned Campsite

Quests frequently make you travel far distances but it’s worth occasionally wandering off the road. While you may run into hostile animals, you’ll also find campsites that sometimes have good loot. Such as a Recurve Bow which makes a huge difference in the early to mid-game.

This can help with taking down big animals for chapter quests or to get more money from selling meat. Also, you may get better tools like Iron or Bronze ones that can last for a long time. Alongside all that loot, you can also discover animal spots for when you want to hunt them later.

Tip 9 – Save Often Especially When Exploring

Medieval Dynasty - Saving After Seeing a Bear

You may not need to save a lot if you’re safely in your village, but if you’re out exploring, it’s worth doing the occasional save. You never know when a giant wisent bison is going to ruin your day. Or even a couple of wolves that repeatedly bite the heck out of you.

This is why I do a mixture of quick saves and normal saves as a backup. Sometimes I’ll quick save if I’m anxious about stealing an expensive item. That’s right, I’ll save scum, I’ll do it.

Tip 10 – Customize Your World Settings

Medieval Dynasty - Customizing Game Settings

It doesn’t hurt to change your world settings under the Customise Game menu to make your experience more enjoyable. Not everyone has the same amount of time and this is a grindy game. So it may be worth tweaking your experience gains or changing other settings. Like fast crafting or unlimited stamina which I’ve grabbed for long sprints across the world.

That’s all there is to this long guide of the 10 best Medieval Dynasty tips and tricks to take advantage of. If you have some tips for others be sure to comment below. Or let us know how the multiplayer is going for you.