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Dead Island 2 – What is Skope

Dead Island 2 - What is Skope Guide

While exploring the vast zombie world of Dead Island 2 you may have come across a small device called, sKOpe. You can find a bunch of these spread throughout each HELL-A region where they’ll say, “Server Offline”. This leads to the confusing predicament of what to do next and players wondering, what is Skope?

If you’re anything like me, you may have started looking around for a way to turn the servers online. Similar to how certain mini-puzzles in Dead Island 2 require a circuit breaker or using a battery. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of those situations so you’ll need to stick with us a little longer. We’ve also included all 25 Skope locations too.

What is Skope in Dead Island 2

How to Unlock Skope/Turn the Servers Online

Dead Island 2 - Using Skope Devices For Journals

Getting the servers back online will let you speak to each device.

The first thing that may come to mind when you find one is that it looks like a smart device. Similar to an Alexa or Google Home, for example. Before you can interact with these devices, you’ll need to make it relatively far in the main story. So if you’re worried about finding a specific side quest or a secret, don’t be.

This quest is number 21 out of the 24 main quests in Dead Island 2. So if you’re still early on in your playthrough, don’t worry too much about the Skope devices for now. Even though you can make a note of where each one is if you’re a completionist. 

Dead Island 2 - Turning Skope Servers Online

The Search For Truth quest leads to rebooting the servers for all of HELL-A.

You’ll eventually get the, The Search For Truth, quest in the Ocean Avenue region. While it doesn’t start with a focus on turning the Skope servers online, it does get there. You’ll eventually reach a store where you can power them up. And instead of having the “Servers Offline” message from now on, you can talk to the device.

This will provide a journal entry adding some lore to the Dead Island 2 world. Even though your first time using one will likely be for that main quest. This is because it provides a hint on where to go for the next step in your quest. However, we won’t get too much into that in this guide to avoid spoilers.

Dead Island 2 - Skope Journal Entry Chthonic

While some Skope journals have interesting lore, there are also simpler Word of the Day entries.

Otherwise, the Skope devices are purely for extra lore if you’re a fan of the journal collectibles. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of journals, notes, and so on for delivering story in games. But, they can be a nice way to add more to a world that already has a solid way of delivering its narrative.

While I haven’t tracked each device down myself, I do have a list of the general location for each one and their district. I highly recommend taking advantage of the fast travel system to get around. Or else it’ll take you quite a long time to find all 25 Skope devices.

All Skope Locations in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 - Finding All Skope Locations

One example of a location is the Lifeguard Tower in Venice Beach.

Emma’s Lounge
Tutorial Mansion Lounge
Curtis’ Lounge
The Goat Pen Mansion, Ground Floor Lounge
Halperin Hotel
Hotel Lobby Front Desk
Table Outside the Hotel
Beverly Hills
Waterworks Gatehouse
Acid House, Upstairs Office
Grey House, Upstairs Bedroom
SOS House, Downstairs Living Room
French Mansion, Upstairs Bedroom
Monarch Studios
Kelli Jo Longeteig’s Trailer
Alesis Hernandez Trailer in the Trailer Park Near Stage 07
Jimmy Montana’s Trailer
Venice Beach
Burger 66
The Lifeguard Tower, Base Floor Kitchen
Venice Autos
Ocean Avenue
Hotel Reception Area
Jewelry Store Back Room
24/67 News Meeting Room
Skope Store
The Pier
Lifeguard HQ
Funland Arcade
The Metro
Metro Saferoom
Hollywood Boulevard
Lotusville Shop, Back Office

That’s all there is to this Dead Island 2 guide on the many Skope devices to track down. I hope the above list is able to help point you in the right direction even though some areas are a bit vague. I haven’t had the time to check each area myself.