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Dead Island 2 – How to Get Fuses

Dead Island 2 - How to Get Fuses

Learning how to get fuses in Dead Island 2 is a great way to get strong new weapons to play with. You may have already come across a breaker box that requires a fuse and you don’t have one. This typically opens a room where you can get a bunch of materials and more.

You’ll come across them all throughout the many HELL-A districts even though they’re completely optional. It’s worth mentioning that these aren’t the same as areas that require a circuit breaker to open up. Those are often more mission related for doing something like closing a gate.

How to Get Fuses in Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 - Opening Zomproof Slayer Hoard Chests

Zomproof Slayer Hoard chests are frequently the best source of loot for new weapons.

The main prize inside any fuse room is always inside the Zomproof Slayer Hoard chest. This is a black and blue box where you’ll get a fancy new weapon often worth using. Depending on how far you are into Dead Island 2, there are all sorts of different things you can get. This includes the rarity that you may get as well.

Regardless, there only seems to be one way to get fuses in Dead Island 2. You’ll need to progress the story a little bit to unlock your first safehouse and trader at Emma Jaunt’s mansion. Chances are likely you’ve already made it here if you’re wondering about fuses.

Dead Island 2 - Where to Get Fuses

My man Carlos deserves a chair for standing behind that bar at all times of day and night.

But even if you haven’t, once you make enough progress, you’ll unlock the first trader, Carlos. He’ll always be inside at the bar where you can buy new weapons, parts, med kits, and even fuses. However, fuses can be quite pricey especially if you’re still early on in Dead Island 2. Each one costs $1,500 to buy.

Every trader seems to have a varying amount between one to three available even though you can only hold three at a time. So it’s important to use those up when you get a chance. Because you never know when you’ll be near that fuse room again.

Dead Island 2 - Buying Fuses From a Trader

If you’re struggling to afford items at the trader, you should check out our 10 Best Tips and Tricks guide.

With that said, every fuse room has a symbol on the map so you can still trek back and unlock them. Another useful trick for getting more fuses is to fast travel between traders for more. This works well in case the one you’re currently at hasn’t restocked their items yet.

But as you’d expect, this requires making enough progress in the story to unlock other safehouses and traders first. While not every safehouse has a trader, there are at least six you can find at each of the major safehouses. These often have other characters and quest-givers at them.

Dead Island 2 - Fuse Room With Traps

That Zomproof Slayer Hoard chest is almost within reach, but those tripwires look a little menacing.

One final note worth mentioning is to not rush into a fuse room since they usually have traps set up. Although, you’ll often come across an inactive zombie waiting inside to trigger those traps. This can be a good or bad thing depending on what you want to do. I like to disarm whatever rigged shotgun traps I can for ammo.

That’s all there is to this Dead Island 2 guide on how to get fuses. From what I can tell, I don’t think you can get them by completing quests or by looting them. Which can be annoying, but at least it’s not one more thing among an ocean of items to loot. You’ll quickly learn how tedious it is to pick up a thousand different parts.