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Cult of the Lamb – What to Do With Fish

Cult of the Lamb - What to Do With Fish

If you’ve recently unlocked the Pilgrim’s Passage area in Cult of the Lamb you may be wondering what to do with fish. After meeting The Fisherman in Darkwood, you can meet them again in Pilgrim’s Passage and start fishing. Speaking with them starts a quest while also unlocking the ability to fish nearby.

There are a few different benefits from fishing in Cult of the Lamb depending on what you’re trying to do. For example, if you’re an achievement hunter, you’ll need to catch one of every fish to get the Teach a Lamb to Fish achievement. Potential bugs aside, this requires catching every fish below:

Minnow Salmon Tuna
Crab Lobster Squid
Octopus Blowfish Swordfish

What to Do With Fish in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the Lamb - How to Get Fish

Make sure you focus the right fish size depending on what you’re trying to catch.

If you don’t care all that much about the achievement, there are still plenty of reasons to spend your time fishing. The number one reason for many players will be to get food for their followers. Keeping your cult fed is important if you don’t want to lose faith quickly and have dissenters. The last thing you need is a rebellion on your hands.

Fishing can take up a good chunk of your in-game day so you may not always want to do it. However, there are a few different meal types that use fish worth cooking. Especially the Magnificent Mixed Meal. Depending on how far into Cult of the Lamb you are, you may not have these recipes available.

Cult of the Lamb - Magnificent Mixed Fish Meal

While the three-star meals require more ingredients, they often have better benefits for your followers.

As you make progress, your followers will come up to you asking for a certain meal. This is the main way to unlock new recipes even though they’ll sometimes have odd requests. Regardless, here are the different fish meals you can cook for your followers:

Name Stars Effects Ingredients
Pungent Fish Stew 1/3
  • 10% chance of causing illness
3 Minnow
Tasty Fish Meal 2/3
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources.
  • 15% chance of the follower instantly vomiting
3 Salmon
Modest Mixed Meal 2/3
  • 20% chance of increasing Follower loyalty
4 Pumpkin, 2 Salmon, 2 Meat
Magnificent Mixed Meal 3/3
  • 100% chance of increasing Follower loyalty
  • 100% chance of stopping a Follower from dissenting
4 Beetroot, 2 Tuna, 2 Meat
Delicious Fish Feast 3/3
  • 25% chance of dropping valuable resources
  • 30% chance of a sick follower recovering from illness
  • +5 Faith
1 Squid, 1 Octopus, 1 Blowfish, 1 Swordfish
Mighty Meat Feast 3/3
  • 75% chance of dropping valuable resources
4 Meat, 1 Crab, 1 Lobster
Cult of the Lamb - The Fisherman in Pilgrim's Passage

If you haven’t met The Fisherman in Darkwood yet, you won’t have access to this area. Fortunately, it shouldn’t take too long to unlock, however.

Outside of cooking meals for your following, you’ll also need to catch four rare fish for The Fisherman. This can prove to be difficult after catching the same fish repeatedly. Especially since you have a limited amount of fish available each day.

There are two Cult of the Lamb tricks you can take advantage of to catch those four rare fish in the next section. Plus, they’ll help you get even more fish for feeding your followers and making the many meals mentioned above.

How to Get Rare Fish in Cult of the Lamb

Cult of the lamb - How to Get Rare Fish

That pesky Lobster continues to evade me in Cult of the Lamb.

The main trick to catch rare fish is a certain doctrine choice along the Sustenance tree of choices. This means you’ll need to make a permanent choice between two different doctrines. If you want a better chance at catching fish for The Fisherman, you’ll need the Ocean’s Bounty ritual.

By performing this ritual at the temple you’ll make special fish more likely to appear for two days. Also, on top of this, you’ll catch double the amount. Otherwise, it may take a while to get the four fish you need for this quest: Lobster, Squid, Crab, Octopus.

Cult of the Lamb - Neptunes Curse Tarot Card

Tarot cards are always a cool way to get unique buffs but the reality is, you don’t know what you’re going to get. So there’s no guarantee you’ll get Neptunes Curse. Unless you maybe run through an area several times without returning to camp.

The other neat trick doesn’t involve fishing at all oddly enough. Instead of fishing, you’ll need to unlock the Neptunes Curse tarot card. This gives every enemy a chance to drop fish when they die. With that said, it’s worth mentioning that there’s still definitely RNG to catching rare fish. While I could never get a Lobster, a buddy of mine instead struggled to get a Squid.

That’s all there is to this guide on what to do with fish in Cult of the Lamb. Even though the obvious answer may seem to be just to eat them, we now know there are a few other purposes too. Make sure to visit more of the useful guides listed below.