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The Planet Crafter – How to Get Tree Bark

The Planet Crafter - How to Get Tree Bark

If you’ve made it relatively far into The Planet Crafter, you may be wondering how to get Tree Bark. This plays a major role in increasing your Biomass and Oxygen production for the late-game. You’ll eventually need to create seeds for the Tree Spreader by using the DNA Manipulator.

Unlike the majority of materials you can gather from the floor, you can’t easily get Tree Bark. You’ll need to have a significant amount of heat production to reach the right blueprints. Continue reading our guide for everything you need to start producing Tree Bark in your base.

How to Get Tree Bark in The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter - Getting Tree Bark From Biodome T2

You may need to increase your oxygen generation if you don’t have high tier heaters to unlock this blueprint yet.

Continuing along the heat blueprints you’ll need to reach 12.00 μK to unlock Biodome T2. It’s easy to get confused about how this room works even though you don’t really need to do anything. Despite being filled with trees, you don’t need to add seeds to grow them. This plays more into how the Tree Spreader works.

As long as your Biodome T2 has power, it will produce Tree Bark completely on it’s own. In order to get it, just enter the room and interact with a side panel near the doorway. Both doorways into the room will have a side panel with a tree symbol on the screen. This panel has two inventory slots where Tree Bark will automatically fill into. Similar to other structures like the Ore Extractor.

The Planet Crafter - Biodome T2 Side Panel

Make sure you don’t place anything inside of this side panel, otherwise it won’t have anywhere to place Tree Bark.

I recommend placing Locker Storage near the side panel so you can easily store your Tree Bark. While you likely won’t need a ton of it, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra when you start using the DNA Manipulator. Another useful benefit of the Biodome T2 is a decent chunk of oxygen production since it also provides 1,450/s.

With that said, the significant increase in oxygen comes when you start using the Tree Spreader. For example, my Tree Seed Linifolia has a 125% oxygen multiplier and provides 1.15 ppt/s in comparison. Which may sound a bit confusing if you don’t completely understand the change unit types. Regardless, continue reading below if you’re not sure how to make a Biodome T2.

How to Build a Biodome T2 Room

The Planet Crafter - Biodome T2 Recipe

One of the trickier materials to make is Fertilizer since it’s not immediately clear how to get.

While you can connect this room to your base, you don’t have to. I attached it to my T1 version just to keep everything in the same general area. However, as long as you have the right materials, you can place it anywhere really. Here are the required materials to build a Biodome T2 room.

  • 2 Fertilizer
  • 2 Bacteria Samples
  • 2 Super Alloy
  • 1 Sulfur
The Planet Crafter - Biolab to Make Fertilizer

You’ll often need to visit your Biolab in The Planet Crafter for advanced materials to make high-tier structures. Such as Tier 4 Heaters and a Tier 2 Nuclear Reactor.

If you haven’t created a Biolab yet, you’ll also need to make one for some of these materials. For example, you’ll need Algae for both Fertilizer and Bacteria Samples which you can get from an Algae Generator. Don’t be surprised if you have to build extra Food Growers for Eggplants so you can make more Fertilizer.

That’s all there is to this short guide on The Planet Crafter and how to get Tree Bark. Fortunately, there isn’t anything too complicated to it aside from grinding to get those late-game heat blueprints. You’ll definitely want that huge increase in oxygen production so you can get high tier heaters for a Nuclear Fusion Generator.