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Cookie Clicker – What Does Milk Do

Cookie Clicker - What Does Milk Do

Cookie Clicker’s release on Steam has led to an influx of new people filled with questions. That’s why I’ve put together this guide on what does milk do because it’s easy to not know. This is one of the many complex mechanics if you dig a little deeper. Continue reading our guide below on what it does, how to get more, and a secret achievement at the bottom.

What Does Milk Do in Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker -Kitten Upgrades

As you get further into Cookie Clicker, you’ll come across upgrades that often benefit each other.

When you first start playing you won’t have many milk flavors as they revolve around achievements. As you unlock achievements, you’ll slowly but surely unlock milk flavors that can increase your cookies per second (CPS). But, you’ll need to also get Kitten upgrades that increase your CPS based on how much milk you have.

This is why the two features go hand-in-hand in speeding up your overall cookie output. Fortunately, Kitten upgrades also unlock based on the number of achievements you have. That’s why it’s important to prioritize getting achievements since they play an important role. If you want to see how much you’re getting from Kitten upgrades, there’s a multiplier stat under Achievements in the stats section.

Aside from that, each flavor also provides a minor cosmetic change in Cookie Clicker. You may have noticed the pool of milk below your cookie on the left side. The color changes with every new milk you unlock. Once you’ve ascended at least once, the Classic Dairy Selection heavenly upgrade becomes available.

Cookie Clicker Guide Screenshot

While the milk flavors are only cosmetic, it is a nice change to see.

This upgrade lets you pick whichever milk flavor you want visibly shown. However, it’s still only a cosmetic effect meaning it doesn’t have an impact on your game. If you’d like to see how many achievements are required for a milk flavor or Kitten upgrade, take a look below.

How Many Achievements to Get Milk

Milk Flavor

Number of Achievements

Plain 0
Chocolate 25
Raspberry 50
Orange 75
Caramel 100
Banana 125
Lime 150
Blueberry 175
Strawberry 200
Vanilla 225
Honey 250
Coffee 275
Tea 300
Coconut 325
Cherry 350
Spiced 375
Maple 400
Mint 425
Licorice 450
Rose 475
Dragonfruit 500

How Many Achievements to Get Kitten Upgrades

Kitten Upgrade

Number of Achievements

Kitten Helpers 13
Kitten Workers 25
Kitten Engineers 50
Kitten Overseers 75
Kitten Managers 100
Kitten Accountants 125
Kitten Specialists 150
Kitten Experts 175
Kitten Consultants 200
Kitten Assistants to the Regional Manager 225
Kitten Marketeers 250
Kitten Analysts 275
Kitten Executives 300
Fortune #103 Random fortune from the news ticker
Kitten Angels Requires the Dominions heavenly upgrade
Kitten Wages Requires the Kitten Angels heavenly upgrade

Cookie-Dunker Achievement in Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker - Cookie-Dunker Achievement Screenshot

Someone must have figured out this Cookie Clicker achievement by accident.

One of the many silly achievements requires resizing your game window. Surprisingly, the pool of milk is actually important for the Cookie-Dunker achievement. If you resize your window enough to force the cookie into the milk, you’ll get this achievement. It’s a simple one, but it’ll help you early on when you don’t have many.

That’s all there is to this Cookie Clicker guide on what does milk do. If you’re interested in more fun idle games for Android phones, be sure to visit our other site. Or if you’d prefer, you can even find Cookie Clicker on Android as well.


Friday 22nd of September 2023

I got 622/622 achievements! Didn't even waste 4 hours!