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Legends of Idleon – How to Delete a Character

Legends of Idleon - How to Delete a Character

Legends of Idleon is an idle MMORPG where you can create multiple characters that work together. As you continue making progress leveling up, you’ll unlock new character slots too. It’s important to be careful picking a new class for each character because you can’t change them. This is why people frequently search for how to delete a character in Legends of Idleon. But unfortunately, there isn’t a way to do it.

Despite not being able to delete characters in Idleon, you can make a new account if you really want a full reset. The main trick to doing this is simply signing up with a new email and using that to log in from thereon. One advantage of doing this is that you’ll still have the old account if you want to go back to it for any reason.

While you can’t delete a character, there are still a couple of unique items for resetting certain parts of your character. This is a good backup solution instead of completely getting rid of an account. Continue reading the rest of our short guide below for how to reset talent points and change your subclass.

How to Reset Your Talent Points in Idleon

Legends of Idleon - How to Reset Talent Points Potion

Talent Point Reset Potions are a good way to try other builds, even though they can be rare to get.

When you’re first starting out playing Legends of Idleon, it’s easy to pick talents willy nilly without thinking about it. This can lead to making bad choices that, unfortunately, come back to bite you later. Especially when you really get into the game and come across a build guide that you don’t have the talent points for. Fortunately, there’s an item for resetting your talent points that you can get with in-game money or real money using the gems currency.

The Talent Point Reset Potion resets all your talent points except for anything under the star tab section. You can make one by combining 10 Talent Point Reset Fragments together. Or you can purchase one from the Gem Shop with 150 gems. Not that you’ll likely need to buy more than three a week, but these are limited to three per week in the Gem Shop. 

If you’d prefer to not spend gems on a Talent Point Reset Potion, you can buy some fragments and farm for them too. Each of the five Legends of Idleon shops listed below sells a fragment for 8 silver. Unfortunately, they only sell one, but I’m assuming this restocks at some point. Someone may be able to provide more info on that in the comments.

  • Blunder Hills
  • Encroaching Forest Villas
  • YumYum Grotto
  • Faraway Piers
  • Tundra Camp

How to Reset Your Subclass in Idleon

Legends of Idleon - Subclass Swap Token Gem Shop

The Subclass Swap Token is an expensive option for changing your subclass if you’re not happy with it. Otherwise, you’ll need to get a new character.

While you can’t currently reset your base/main class in Idleon, you can reset your subclass instead. Each of the three base classes have two subclasses, aside from the secret fourth character that doesn’t have a subclass available. This could change at a later time with new content added or in the World 3 update.

As far as I know, the only way to change your subclass is by spending the real money currency of gems. The Gem Shop has a Subclass Swap Token that you can purchase with 500 gems. It’s worth mentioning that you’re limited to two purchases per major update according to the in-game description.

There seems to be mixed information on whether or not class resets will be added later on. But we haven’t found a confirmed answer from the Idleon developer, Lavaflame 2. If anything changes, feel free to comment below and we’ll update this article.

I hope this guide answers some Legends of Idleon questions you may have. If you still have a question for us, comment below the article and we’ll try to get back to you. One final note worth mentioning in this guide is that you also can’t rename characters either. It’s possible this could change later too as it’s such a minor change.


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