10 Best Endzone – A World Apart Tips and Tricks

Endzone A World Apart Guide

Endzone – A World Apart is a good city builder with a post-apocalyptic theme that can be tough if you’re not prepared. That’s why I’ve thrown together a list of some of the best tips and tricks for getting started. If you’ve already run through the tutorial, a few of these tips will be familiar to you.

Table of Contents

Tip 1 – Complete the Tutorial
Tip 2 – Keeping Up With Water and Food
Tip 3 – Managing House Happiness
Tip 4 – Quick Access to Building Modes
Tip 5 – Take Advantage of Roads
Tip 6 – Manage Your Workers Based on Demand
Tip 7 – Understanding How Radiation Works
Tip 8 – Know When to Expand
Tip 9 – Working With Traders
Tip 10 – Settlers Fill in Jobs When People Die

Tip 1 – Complete the Tutorial

Endzone - A World Apart Tutorial Screenshot

Endzone – A World Apart has a steep learning curve as many city-builders do. It’s easy to have no idea what you’re doing unless you run through the tutorial. Although, it’s worth mentioning that Endzone’s tutorial can last a few hours since it covers almost everything there is to know. The one good thing in spite of that is that you still have some freedom. Someone walks you through each mechanic, while still letting you succeed and fail on your own.

Tip 2 – Keeping Up With Water and Food

Endzone - A World Apart Food Tip

One of the most important mechanics with any city builder is keeping your people fed and hydrated. If you run out of food or water, you’re probably going to lose. The main disaster you’ll frequently run into while playing Endzone is a drought. Take a look at some methods for keeping your water and food up during tough times.

  • By having a variety of food sources, you’ll raise your confidence and get more food overall.
  • Similarly, by getting water from multiple sources, you’ll bring in more too. Don’t forget you can place extra Jettys and Wells.
  • The main benefit of Wells is that they work during droughts and also bring in clean water.
  • Pastures and Farms are a reliable source of food if you have water to spare.

Tip 3 – Managing House Happiness

Endzone - A World Apart Housing Tip

You’ll quickly learn that people don’t like living near industrial buildings. This is why it’s important to plan where you’re going to place houses and negative buildings early on. By doing so, you’ll have happier people that live longer. However, you can still place a Shelter near those negative buildings and balance it out using decorations. This is a great way for a good chunk of your population to live near their job.

Tip 4 – Quick Access Building Mode

Endzone - A World Apart Quick Access Building

A useful overlay that should be on at all times is Quick Access to Building Modes. As everyone knows, it’s almost impossible to differentiate building types. Whenever you click a building that creates something, this overlay will show related buildings. For example, if you click a Recycler, you can easily change from making Cloth to Metal. The screenshot above shows how it looks with this mode on. Follow the steps below to enable it.

  1. Click a building that creates something such as a Recycler or Farm, for example.
  2. Then, click the far right icon along the overlay buttons. These are the buttons near the center bottom of the screen, right above the seasons.
  3. It will now stay enabled.

Tip 5 – Take Advantage of Roads

Endzone - A World Apart Roads

Roads under the Logistics tab are great for helping your people move quicker. You can get a good idea of where to place them by watching how your people move. As they’ll always try to take the quickest route, you can add roads to speed them up a bit more. Your people will supposedly take the quickest route whether that includes a road or not. That’s why I like to place them in-between buildings to create decent pathways. It’s worth mentioning that you can also place powerlines on roads.

Tip 6 – Manage Your Workers Based on Demand

Endzone - A World Apart Sandstorm

Your Endzone settlement is constantly evolving with different needs depending on what’s going on. This is why it’s important to swap jobs when you need to. If you have an incoming drought, you may want more Water Carriers so you can prepare for it. Or if you’re in the middle of a drought, there’s no reason to have people Fishing. Take advantage of shifting jobs around when you’re in need of certain resources more than others.

Tip 7 – Understanding How Radiation Works

Endzone - A World Apart Radiaton Tips

Radiation is mostly a simple concept to understand in Endzone – A World Apart. The radiation overlay near the bottom-center of the screen shows the different levels around you. And if you build the Weather Station, you can see the radiation level of incoming rain. This helps with covering Rain Collectors and protecting Farms from high radiation storms. Plus, if you know clean rain is coming, you don’t need to waste time with the remove radiation task. This will wash away all radiation in its path. However, if you’re dealing with radiation back to back, you’ll want to clean it up.

Fortunately, idle workers clean radiation via the task when they’re not busy. This helps with keeping your settlement healthy. Otherwise, you’ll run into issues like infertility and overall health issues. Be sure to keep radiation clothes available to prevent any contamination.

Tip 8 – Know When to Expand

Endzone - A World Apart Expansion

If you consistently build Cabins instead of Shelters, your population is going to rise. Unless you use the Birth Control edict, which can be a double-edged sword. It’s important to keep an eye on your population and whether or not you’re keeping up with what’s needed. For example, running out of tools, housing, resources, e.g. Don’t be afraid to build another Tailor’s Shop or Recycler if you’re not keeping up with your settlement’s needs. While you don’t want to expand too quickly, you don’t want to fall behind either.

Tip 9 – Working With Traders

Endzone - A World Apart Trading

The Trading Post under Logistics becomes a landing pad for traders to dock their hot air balloons. These routine visitors are a game-changer for exchanging resources you don’t need, for ones you do. Herbs and Medicine are a relatively easy resource to farm, even though not every trader will want them. Also, if you keep traders happy via the reputation system, you can get unique resources. Such as animals not native to your region or new seeds.

Tip 10 – Settlers Fill in Jobs When People Die

Endzone - A World Apart Settler Role

This is a simple tip that makes it worthwhile to keep a few workers on standby. If you can keep a couple of workers in the unemployed Settler role, they’ll replace the jobs of those who die. This makes it easier to refill important positions if you have some extra people. Sometimes it’s worth converting a few non-essential workers if people are suddenly dying. Otherwise, you can micro-manage your roles if you don’t mind the downtime.

Quick shoutout to the teams behind Endzone – A World Apart for their tree planting campaign with the One Tree Planted charity. Throughout its development, they’ve contributed to 41,707 trees planted around the world. This campaign is connected to their Save the World edition sales. More info regarding this can be found here.

Endzone – A World Apart was provided by a PR agency via a Steam code.

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