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Wolcen – How to Beat (Spoilers) Edric

Wolcen Edric

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem has a major boss fight at the end of every act and one is a real struggle. Before you read any further, this article includes major spoilers for Act 1. The first major boss that many players are struggling with is Edric, Justicar of the Republic. I have raw gameplay of my experience below and an extensive guide as well.

Edric Boss Fight Gameplay

Before you jump into watching the video below, know that it’s purely raw gameplay of my experience. It’s not perfect and doesn’t include commentary walking you through the fight. However, I have extensive information below the video with tips on how to handle each phase.

Quick tip before getting into describing the attacks of each phase. There are summons that frequently respawn in each phase that you can kill to replenish your potions and resources. Take advantage of this when you can.

Phase 1 – Slow and Squishy

Wolcen Edric 1

Phase 1 of Edric is the slowest and easiest to deal with compared to others.

The first phase is the easiest because Edric hasn’t become extremely mobile yet. The main attack that you have to worry about is when he uses a shield and shoots a burst of bullets. While they’re easy to dodge, they deal a lot of damage. Each of his major attacks is below:

Charge Attack Roars before charging toward you in a straight line. Easy to dodge, but there isn’t a red path on the floor to warn you.
Shotgun Cone Large shotgun cone attack in front of Edric that has a red warning on the floor. About two seconds to dodge.
Shield Burst Becomes immune to damage from the front and shoots three bullets per burst. Shoots multiple times. Easily strafed out of by moving left or right.
Summons Four weak summons that become stronger as the fight goes on. They have a straight charge attack that’s marked on the floor.

Phase 2 – Malthael Look-alike

Wolcen Edric 2

Phase 2 of Edric gets a bit quicker with a couple of deadly attacks.

The second phase becomes a little more difficult as Edric has two deadly abilities. First, there’s a dash with a 180-degree attack similar to Malthael in Diablo 3. Second, he alternates between shooting a cone of each side of the arena. This attack is tough to dodge since he switches between each area quickly. Each of his major attacks is below:

4 Shotgun Cone Attacks Shoots a cone attack in each direction, left, right, forward, and back of him. Quickly rotates through them, never does one spot twice, and has a small gap in-between each. A red warning appears on the floor for each cone area.
180 Degree Dash Attack Dashes toward you and shoots bullets in a 180-degree radius in front of him. This attack deals enough damage to kill you and doesn’t have a red floor warning. Dodge behind Edric or teleport through him to avoid it.
Shotgun Bolt Explosion Slow charge-up attack with an audible sound warning it. Edric shoots it in front of him and it doesn’t affect a large area.
Ghost Summons Four weak ghosts that respawn almost immediately after dying. More often than not they get in the way of your attacks but don’t hurt much.

Phase 3 – Non-Stop Mobility

Wolcen Edric 3

The third phase is where you’re most likely to die frustrated.

The third phase is irritating because Edric is constantly moving around and attacking toward you. Other phases tend to have a moment to relax, but this phase is rough. The only moment where you get a brief breather is when he’s invulnerable. Each of his major attacks is below:

Jump Cross Attack Jumps directly to where you are and slams down on his sword. This attack then shoots three damaging trails out in a cross around him. The direction changes each time he does this as it’s relative to where he jumps from.
Shield AoEs Edric does a Jump Cross Attack to the center and shields around him. Then, the majority of the arena is filled with explosive AoEs that are easy to walk around. He’s immune to damage during this ability.

After the Shield AoE ability ends, a giant fire wave emits around him and can one-hit you. Dodge or teleport through it to not take damage.

Whirlwind Charge Dash forward with two whirlwind attacks afterward. Slow and easy to dodge.
Sword Swipe Slow sword swipe in front of Edric for when you’re close.
Knockback Stun Pushes anyone near him away and stuns them too. Deals no damage.
Ghost Summons The same four ghosts as Phase 2 that spawn immediately after dying and don’t deal much damage.

If you have any tips for others on how to beat Edric, drop some in the comments below! I hope this guide helps you better understand this fight.

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