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Fallout 76 – Register For Advanced Responder Training Guide

Fallout 76 Morgantown Airport ID Card

Finding the Morgantown Airport Security Keycard in Fallout 76 can be frustrating.

If you’re anything like me, you probably got this miscellaneous mission in Fallout 76 and gave up on it. In the Morgantown Airport Terminal, there’s a mission to register for advanced responder training. It’s easy to miss a small detail for the mission and spend 20 minutes running around with no idea what you’re missing.

Fallout 76 – Morgantown Airport Guide Below

This Safe for Work mission was originally a side quest in Fallout 76. That mission must have been changed a couple of times since any information now available on it is outdated. When trying to figure out how to progress through a locked door with an ID card reader, I noticed there’s nothing online about it. Aside from comments of others wondering how to get through it.

The Safe For Work mission originally had an open stairway via a disabled escalator as shown in this video. That stairway is now blocked by debris and forces you to go through the locked door with an ID card. That ID card is red and named, “Morgantown Airport Security Keycard.”

Players can get through the locked door by finding a red ID card on a dead responder corpse in the basement. As shown in the picture above, the responder corpse is in a small room that can be seen through a crack in the wall when first entering the Morgantown Airport Terminal. This video, however, gives a full guide and walkthrough on how to get the ID.

At one point, this mission also stated, “Register for more advanced responder training.” Now for whatever reason, it doesn’t have “more” included in the quest description. This shows one more way Bethesda made the quest more complicated to find help on for some reason.

Morgantown Airport Text Guide Below

  1. Enter Morgantown Airport Terminal
  2. Find a responder corpse in the basement after running through tunnels.
  3. The responder corpse will have a red ID keycard in their right hand, leaning toward the ground.
  4. Trek backward toward the locked door with an ID Card Reader.
  5. Interact with the ID Card Reader once you have the Morgantown Airport Security Keycard.
  6. Progress upstairs through the door to the red terminal named, “RESPONDERS HQ TERMINAL”
  7. Choose the Volunteers: Advanced Training option.
  8. And your miscellaneous mission should be complete.

Fallout 76 is available on PC via Humble Bundle, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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