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MapleStory 2 – Van Corta Dungeon Guide

Van Corta

Dungeon Name: Van Corta

Level Requirement:  28 minimum

Final Boss: Hemokan

Van Corta is the eighth dungeon players unlock in MapleStory 2 and is located in Ellbo’s Hollow. If you want to be prepared for the dungeon, take a look at the walkthrough video above with tips on each fight. The map layout is shown on the right, courtesy of Gamepedia.

Van Corta

Van Corta is a short dungeon easily completed around an estimate of five minutes. Everything up until the final boss tends to be only a few small groups of enemies. However, one area shown at 1 minute and 25 seconds in the video has some interaction. A group of Magogs, Wagogs, and Rogogs appear to harass you as you try and destroy Shadow Seeds.

If you don’t destroy the Shadow Seeds quick enough, another swarm of mobs will spawn. Despite them being quite easy to kill, they can prevent you from destroying the Shadow Seeds as it takes a few moments to interact with. Once all the Shadow Seeds are destroyed, the group of mobs will disappear if any are remaining.

Onto the actual boss fight with Hemokan. This is where the video excels in showing how the fight with Hemokan in Van Corta goes. Some brief details to know about the fight:

Hemokan Normal Form

  • Powerful whirlwind attack where he spins toward a target player, damaging an area around him in a large radius. Multiple hits, one with each spin.
  • Leap attack toward a single player, leaves behind a damaging AoE on the ground.
  • Basic cone attack in front of him with maul and sometimes comboed with a hand attack.

Hemokan Berserk Form

  • Previous whirlwind attack still used.
  • Knocks everyone back around him, destroying tiles on the edge. Barely any damage.
  • Turns pink and blows one player away in a straight line with wind, minor damage.
  • Stampede attack, charging toward a player, followed up by a second.

If you have any tips or tricks on fighting Hemokan or getting through Van Corta, feel free to share below!