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April Fools Day 2024 List of Gaming Jokes

Dying Light 2 Pocket Zombies Joke Combat

April Fools Day 2024 is here and with this special holiday always comes silly video game jokes and content. If you cover gaming news, it can be difficult to figure out what’s real and what isn’t. And going a step further, another challenge is deciphering which gaming jokes are actual content. For example, Jagex tweeted about a Bench Sitting skill that you could easily see be a joke and nothing more. However, it’s a skill you can get to level 99 quickly by just sitting on a bench.

As someone who loves the creative jokes and content game developers come up with, I’ve put together a list of them. I don’t plan on including every single one since there are tons of jokes both small and large. So you’re welcome to comment below with some April Fools Day 2024 game jokes you come across.

Runescape Bench Sitting Skill

RuneScape Benchsitting Skill Tweet

As mentioned in the intro, Jagex teased the Bench Sitting skill on Twitter earlier today. Courtesy of the RuneScape wiki, we know it takes 11 minutes and about 17 seconds to reach the max level. All you have to do is sit on one of four benches to earn experience. And upon reaching level 99, you can claim a relevant cape and title.


Among Us Long Neck Mode

Among Us Long Neck Mode Screenshot

Developer Innersloth created horse characters last year but this year they’ve opted for a long-neck mode. This time around, characters have abnormally long necks as shown in the picture above. The developer noted that players can disable the mode in the lobby creation settings if need be.


PowerDirt Simulator Joke For PowerWash Simulator

PowerWash Simulator Dirt Joke Tweet

Developer FuturLab tweeted the new PowerDirt Simulator mode; a play on their game PowerWash Simulator. Instead of washing away all the dirt and grime, you can add dirt. After all the DLC collabs the PowerWash Simulator developers have done, I could have believed this was a real mode. Unfortunately, it’s just a joke so you’ll have to stick to cleaning!


Cyberpunk 2077 Coming to Floppy Disks

Cyberpunk 2077 Floppy Disk Edition

The downfall of physical media may be coming but CD Projekt Red found a joke in there for bringing Cyberpunk 2077 to floppy disks. Their tweet mentions that it’ll come in the form of 97,619, 3.5-inch floppy disks. The question is, how many of you are crazy enough to actually try and buy it? As goes with many of the jokes on this list, this obviously isn’t real.

Satisfactory Launching on the Nintendo Switch at 7 FPS

Satisfactory fans awaiting a Nintendo Switch launch don’t have to wait any longer… sort of. Coffee Stain Studios announced the joke launch via a video where they also confirmed a smooth 7 FPS. Even though they originally wanted to release it for the Ouya but couldn’t find one. And this is coming from someone who actually owns an Ouya.


Dying Light 2: Pocket Zombies’ Play on Pokemon

Dying Light 2 Pocket Zombies Joke Combat

Techland teased a Pokémon version of Dying Light 2 where you can catch zombies and then use them in turn-based battles. It’s a joke that I wish were real. You can find the full video teaser on their Twitter.


Sega Introducing Cartridge Loadable Content

Sega Cartridge Loadable Content Joke

Sega announced a twist on DLC with CLC, Cartridge Loadable Content. Add more content to your games by stacking cartridges on top of each other. The joke tweet mentions it’s coming on April 1, 1991.


Minecraft Reveals the Poisonous Potato Dimension

Mojang went all out with their latest snapshot joke by implementing the Poisonous Potato Dimension. As shown in the YouTube video above, it includes a bunch of potato-themed content. From poisonous potato zombies to a new biome revolving around the April Fools Day update.

Razer Announces the Razer Cthulhu Chair

Electronics and tech company Razer always put a lot of effort into their April Fools Day jokes and this year is no different. Those looking to replace their gaming chair can grab the Razer Cthulhu Chair. It has eight AI arms to make your life easier. Until well, you try to escape and it hunts you down.

Payday 3 Helmet Pop Soda

Starbreeze Studios threw together a commercial and announcement for a fake soda called Helmet Pop. There isn’t a lot to this April Fools Day joke but it’s still a silly one. I’m more surprised they even built a website for the joke.


Palworld More Than Just Pals Dating Sim Game

Palworld developer Pocketpair went with a common April Fools Day joke by teasing a fake dating simulator game, “Pal♡world! ~More Than Just Pals~”. The description for their announcement trailer mentions friendship, falling in love, eating pals, and an adult version.


Devolver Digital is Pivoting to Reality TV

Devolver Digital never shies away from an opportunity to make a joke. On April 1, they put out a message teasing their pivot from indie games to reality TV without saying too much. As part of a collaboration with developer Nerial, they announced The Crush House the next day. Which Nerial describes as a, “Reality TV Thirst-Person Shooter”. It doesn’t appear to have a Steam store page yet, but you can follow the game on Twitter.

Star Citizen Announces MISC Raptor Street Cleaner Ship

Cloud Imperium Games made a video for a fake new Star Citizen ship, the MISC Raptor. If you’re someone who wants to spend their time cleaning the galaxy, then the RAPTOR is for you. As someone who loves the freedom open-world sandbox games give you, I wish this was a real ship. And that you could make money from doing menial tasks like cleaning stations or asteroid belts.


Pokémon Sleep World Championship

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of Pokémon Sleep before but it’s an app for tracking your sleep. Which made for a great April Fools Day opportunity to launch a fake World Champions Tournament revolving around it. The video includes commentators Kenny Mattress and Chris Pillow. Alongside other fun contestant names.

Slime Rancher Developer Announces Chicken Rancher 3

Chknn Rancher 3 April Fools Day Joke

Slime Rancher developer Monomi Park tweeted a trailer for Chknn Rancher 3 made by the fake company Miami Pork. Instead of vacuuming up a variety of slimes, you’ll have to collect tons and tons of chickens. This is a fake joke game for anyone wondering.


World War Z Adds an Undead Cat Named Whiskers

World War Z Whiskers Zombie Joke

Another zombie game alongside Dying Light 2 enters the April Fools Day scene. We’ve got World War Z adding a new enemy to watch out for, Whiskers. They’re an undead cat with nine lives. Check out the joke tweet here alongside the wallpaper they made for it.


Deep Rock Galactic Developers Highlight the Real Life Loot Bug

Deep Rock Galactic Loot Bug Joke

Ghost Ship Games published a disturbing blog post about the real life Loot Bug that their creature was inspired by. The Steam blog post discusses the daily life of a Loot Bug Keeper’s job.

Quick April Fools Day 2024 Mentions