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ATLAS Early Launch For Streamers Delayed


Update: Two hours after the early ATLAS launch for streamers was delayed, the lead community manager at Grapeshot Games, posted a message in response.

The message was linked on his Twitter @Jatheish as shown in the tweet below, also available here. In summary, @Jatheish apologizes for the lack of communication surrounding ATLAS and states, “I fully expect ATLAS to hit Steam by NOON PST on the 22nd.”

Lead community manager, @Jatheish, further explains that he believes the build will be ready in three to four hours for streamers to still get a quick test session in.

“As a studio, we’ve been making some cloudy decisions when it comes to how we want to communicate and planning out our ETAs,” @jatheish continues on about their communication. “This stems from the usual chaos that happens around the launch of a new IP, trust me, everyone experiences it in different ways.”

Web and video production lead at Grapeshot Games and Studio Wildcard, @CudaCores, also chimed in with his thoughts over Twitter.

Original Story:

The early streamer launch for survival pirate MMO ATLAS has now been delayed. This makes it the third delay announcement Grapeshot Games has made for ATLAS.

The tweet below was made at 12:42 a.m. EST, 42 minutes after the scheduled early release for streamers.

It was originally planned to release on December 13, then it was delayed a week to December 19. Then, it was delayed two days further to December 21. As the tweet below shows:

After the above tweet, they further clarified stating the early planned release for early streaming of ATLAS. Noting on Twitter that early streaming will begin at 9:00 pm PST.

As of now, it seems like Grapeshot Games is primarily communicating through their Twitter account for ATLAS, @sailtheatlas.


While streamers on Twitch were eagerly waiting for the servers to launch, the viewer count reached as high as 183,000 in its directory.

ATLAS is available on PC via Humble Bundle.

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