Escape from Tarkov Macros

Escape from Tarkov – How to Get an Empty Server (2021)

Escape from Tarkov is a difficult game that has many players asking the question, how to get an empty server in 2021. If you can get a server without any…

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Red Solstice 2 - How to Add Bots Guide

Red Solstice 2 – How to Add Bots

Red Solstice 2 is a survival game that might as well be impossible to play alone since it revolves around teamwork. While you don’t necessarily need real players to work…

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Red Solstice 2 - How to Unlock Classes

Red Solstice 2 – How to Unlock Classes

Red Solstice 2: Survivors is a strategy game with six different classes that can be a little confusing to unlock. If you’re not sure how to unlock classes, don’t worry,…

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Muck - Night Blade Sword Recipe

Muck – How to Get Black Shards

Update 3 added all sorts of new content to the free survival game Muck, including tons of new items too. One item that many players haven’t gotten yet is a…

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Muck - Best Seeds Cave Screenshot

Best Muck Game Seeds

Finding the best Muck seeds can be difficult since major updates have a habit of breaking them. That’s why I’ve gathered some great worlds to make your game a little…

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Muck - How to Beat the Game

Muck – What is the Ancient Core For

The free survival game Muck added a bunch of new content in Update 3 with the Ancient Core now having a purpose. This item originally dropped from Gronk added in…

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Muck - How to Beat the Game

Muck – How to Beat the Game

The free survival roguelite game Muck originally didn’t have an ending and players could go for as long as possible. However, Update 3 changed that by adding an optional ending…

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Muck - What Does Obamium Do

Muck – What Does Obamium Do?

The free survival roguelite Muck recently got a new update adding tons of new content and a new ore too. So if you’ve managed to get this purple-looking metal called…

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Steam Summer Sale 2021 Deals

Steam Summer Sale 2021 Deals Are Live

The Steam Summer Sale of 2021 is here and this is definitely one of the best times to pick up PC games. This year it’s running from June 24 to…

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Going Medieval - How to Tame Animals Guide

Going Medieval Roadmap Upcoming Updates

If you’re a fan of the colony simulator game Going Medieval and wondering when the next update is, this short guide is for you. One of the toughest parts when…

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