Outriders - Titanium Farming Guide Screenshot

Outriders – How to Get Titanium

Outriders is a third-person looter shooter where it’s important to farm the Titanium resource for endgame content. Jeffrey LermanJeff is a journalist that loves to write, stream, and make content…

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Outriders - Expeditions Guide

Outriders – Expeditions Explained and Guide

If you’ve beaten the Outriders campaign, don’t worry, there’s still plenty of content to experience via Expeditions. This is a form of endgame content where you can grind new areas…

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Outriders - Moloch Altered Screenshot

Outriders – What is on Moloch’s Back?

If you’ve made some progress in Outriders, you may have come across an early Altered character named Moloch. You first fight him during the Onslaught mission when working with Trench…

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Outriders - World Tier Guide

Outriders – What is Weapon Leech

Outriders is a looter shooter with all sorts of unique traits on weapons such as Weapon Leech. This is one of many strong methods for keeping yourself alive. Especially when…

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Outriders - Trickster Golem Build Guide

Outriders – Golem Trickster Build

If you’re reaching the Outriders endgame and looking for Trickster builds, this is one I’ve been enjoying. This Trickster build revolves around high shotgun damage and the Golem Rising weapon…

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Outriders - How to Farm Legendaries Guide

Outriders – What is the Max Level

Since Outriders is a looter shooter, many of you are probably wondering what the max level is. Before we get into that, it’s almost important to mention that armor and…

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Outriders - Yagak Boss Guide 2

Outriders – Yagak Boss Guide (Humanity)

If you’re working on the Outriders Humanity questline, you’ll eventually run into a boss from earlier. However, if you’re actually in Utargak at the Hilltop Monastery, you’re looking for this…

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Outriders - Yagak Boss Guide

Outriders – Yagak Boss Guide (Utargak)

One of the tougher boss fights in Outriders is Yagak because of how quickly he moves. If you’re working your way through the Bond questline and reached the Hilltop Monastery,…

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Outriders - Server Status Guide

Outriders – Checking the Server Status

If you’re trying to play Outriders and struggling to get on due to servers being down, there’s a way to check the server status. These issues are likely related to…

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Outriders - Jane Screenshot

Outriders – Does Jane Die? (Spoilers)

One of the first Outriders characters that finds you in your cryopod is Jane Colm. When taking on the Dedication quest, you’ll run into her again as she snipes an…

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