Deathloop - How to Get Shift

Deathloop – How to Get Shift

The first slab ability you’ll want to track down in Deathloop is Shift because it lets you teleport short distances. This immediately speeds up your flow and provides access to…

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Deathloop - How to Change Outfits

Deathloop – How to Unlock Outfits

Deathloop’s aesthetic is heavily inspired by it being set in the 1960s where you can get all sorts of stylish outfits for Colt and Julianna. Anything from nice turtlenecks and…

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Deathloop - All Weapon Trinkets Guide

Deathloop – All Weapon Trinkets Guide

Deathloop’s world is filled with weapon trinkets that you can take advantage of to make your loadout even stronger. While there are nowhere near as many as character trinkets, you…

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Deathloop - How to Infuse Gear

Deathloop – How to Infuse Gear

Stop losing gear in Deathloop by learning how to infuse your trinkets, weapons, and slab abilities too. If you’ve ever noticed a loud glowing object in Blackreef, this is what…

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Deathloop - Purple Character Trinkets

Deathloop – All Character Trinkets Guide

Deathloop is filled with all sorts of fun character and weapon trinkets that you can use to become stronger. This is why I put together this complete list of all…

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Deathloop - How to Save Progress Guide

Deathloop – How to Save

Even though we all know Deathloop has an infinite loop, you still want to save every now and then so you don’t lose progress. While there isn’t a manual way…

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Deathloop - How to Invade Guide

Deathloop – How to Invade Other Players

Deathloop is an action-FPS where you’re constantly trying to break an infinite loop without failing and resetting it. While making your way from area to area as the day goes…

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Deathloop - All Slab Abilities and Upgrades Guide

Deathloop – All Slabs and Slab Upgrades

Deathloop truly becomes a blast to play as you unlock new slabs and upgrades making you even stronger. These are the abilities that your character can gather throughout the story…

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Deathloop - Updaam Secret Cave Safe

Deathloop – Complete Updaam Cave Safe Guide

Deathloop is an action-FPS filled with secrets that you’ll continue to find across every loop. If you’re someone that likes to explore, you may have come across a secret safe…

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Deathloop - How to Pause Guide

Deathloop – How to Pause

Taking a break in Deathloop where the world never ends can be confusing if you don’t know how to pause. Typically in single-player experiences, all you’d have to do is…

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