Getting Back into League of Legends

League of Legends Jinx

Figured I’d start things off just with a regular ol’ blog post rambling about League of Legends. The game that’s 50/50 on whether you love it or hate it, that’s for sure. I used to play it quite a bit a couple years ago with a group of friends, but got busy and stopped. Somehow finding time, I’m back at it again with the same crew!

I’ve always enjoyed my fair share of games, playing with each genre. In the process, I’ve played quite a bunch of MOBAs. I think the first MOBA I got my hands on and really delved into was DOTA 2. I like to think DOTA 2 is one of the tougher MOBAs, considering it has a lot of active items and a feature not many MOBAs have if any, denying. Denying really tends to throw in one more form of last hitting, that can be game changing. However, we’re not here to talk about that.

Getting back into League of Legends, I’ve been playing a mix of top and carry. That’s about it right now, since I’m mainly trying to relearn everything. I used to fill every role, rarely playing mid lane I will say. Lately, I’ve been maining Sivir, Jinx, and Teemo. I had one match the other day I rocked Sona support.

Playing Jinx the last few matches has been a bit more satisfying than Sivir. I’ve had better luck getting kills, even if a good chunk of them were from Ult’ing them with my rocket. As Sivir, I can do quite well last hitting mid to late game, but I struggle using my Richochet in the early game. It’s a mix of wanting to push hard using it, but I often feel I screw up last hits with it. Whereas with Jinx, I’m a bit more controlled, even though her rocket launcher auto-attack can throw me off at times too. I more often than not use her rocket to wipe out the weaker ranged minions.

Nevertheless, I’m still relearning all the champions and learning the many new ones that have released since I last played. That’s the tough part of any MOBA, knowing the heroes/champions, whatever you want to call them. You have to know how to work well with your partner and be able to adapt to your opponent. The main reason I switched back to Jinx (not having played them since forever ago), was because I had a hard counter against Sivir. Saw that and decided, screw it, let’s learn Jinx again. They pulled a Vayne out ahead of me since we’ve been doing draft picks.

I’ll probably run some bot matches to try and learn a few other champions that I might get back into learning. I generally keep an eye on the tier list over at NerfPlz to see what champions are higher up right now. Obviously, as someone who by no means is an incredible or even probably great player, I’m on the lower end of skill in the playerbase. However, I still like to follow the tier list, since it often is because a champion is either stronger for a certain role because of patches or because their skillset is made for that role. So, you’ll always benefit by playing champions higher on the list, but it doesn’t mean you can’t play lower end ones.

In the same way certain champions are higher on the list due to patches, certain ones are dead last due to nerfs. I can only imagine how significantly champions are affected simply by the release of a new champion. Since that can take a while for their champion to then be balanced to that new champion. It’s chaos probably, at least you hope for the best.

Anyway, I just wanted to plop some words down on Slyther Games, since I haven’t written anything yet. And I figured, why not write about what I’ve been playing. Not that it’s only been League of Legends, but I have been playing it!

What champion do you play in League of Legends or what MOBA do you prefer instead? Lemme know below!

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